Sunday, August 30, 2009


i was born at 09 april 1989
what i read today:
Nampaknya kamu ni seorang yang amat menjaga personaliti dan keterampilan diri di mata orang ramai. Maintain vouge manjang! Dalam soal cinta, sudah tentu kamu ingin yang setaraf juga.

ouh ye kew?
haha rasenye slu buat cm biase je kot?
and then


Suave and compromising.
Funny and humorous.
Very talkative.
Calm and cool.
Kind and sympathetic.
Concerned and detailed.
Does work well with others.
Very confident.
Positive Attitude.
Thinking generous.
Good memory.
Clever and knowledgeable.
Loves to look for information.
Able to cheer evryone up and/ or make them laugh.
Able to motivate oneself and others.
Fun to be around.
Bubbly personality.
Boy/girl crazy.
Loves sports, music, leisure and traveling.
Hott but has brains.....

hehhe ade laaa kot ciri2 cm atas?

Friday, August 14, 2009


blog neh da mcm sebahagian dari dairi aku..
mls nk online selalu..
bosan laaaa...
so just wait fer my update...
and my latest picture!


i got this from my lovely sister...
arini x buat ape2..
bace email kakak hantar je...
demam...bdn x panas tp demam..
mcm mne tuh???
nk online myspes pon x boleh..bodo2..
arini sumting happen to me..
meet 1 guy so stupid...
ahh babi la kaw jantan..
xde bnde laen kaw nk!!
nseb aku x tpengaruh!!!!
dont ask me anything!
thats why i hate them!
sume suke menipu! ayat je manis....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what they said about BELLE??

You re way cutee! You have those sparkle eyes that others don't.
You re kind-heart ed kind of person, you re a veryy good friend.
Yes, you have the expressionless face that you re so hard to be predicted.
Somehow, you really know how to make friends and keep it well.
Naughty chick, keep it low :P
I heart you Belle!

4 me belle spt boneca..
muka x da ekspresi..
try jadi barbie doll ea..
second,bell nie mcm batu..
keras ..
means here,keras hati...
x nak ngaku kalah..
ada bek n buruk nye.
bek nye dia x cpt give up..
buruk nye...
ssh nak say 2 words tue..
bell nie ibarat air batu campur..
klu kita menikmati dia ngan elok abc tue mmg sedap...
means here,bell nie if kita ok ngan dia mmg besh kawan ngan dia.
bell nie tukang karut bg syidot cuz dia slalu kuar jd yg menyebab kan syidot x terfikir nak fikir benda tue..
i still remember crita tangkap 40 ekor burung tue,
so...ini lah sbenarnye apa yg syidot rs pd bell..
sekian terima kasih..
lots of love,
syida yahya

hmm... BELLE?? from external she's like other girls in dis world.. but afta i knew her, she's awesome!!! damn fun wit her.. i like to be friends wit her.. bcoz sh'e sportin, friendly, and gila2 like me... we r same, so we easy to out goin.. she's damn cute.. like teddy bear... wanna hug her everytime.. no need to buy teddy bear anymore!! hehehe... she's really up to date.. stylo.. tau!! hihihi.. but for me, dats not really important in our friendship... da most important, she's a gud friends, deep in my heart, she's more than friends, she's my bestfriends.. i thought, she's arrogant wit others, but afta myra introduce her to me, dat she's very nice, i tryin to be friends wit her.. n she's really nice... wanna say thanks to myra bcz introduce her to me.. she's also can keep our secret tau.. hihihi.. we always goin crazy 2gether.. hihihi.. dats wat i felt about her.. n i hope we can still like dis n friends forever.. rmember me k.. luv BELLE!!

she's belle,she's friendly and most of all, she's cute!! ;)
belle is my room mate for a year. she's very lazy the messy but still lookin' good!
haha ;))
eventhough she's smiling, don't u ever think that she has no prob. she smiles whenever she wanted to.wink wink!
ily belle !


she such a good friend..loyal..
da knl die since darjah 1 smpi skang
dlu time skl rendah slalu g main2 gan die..
ble da skl menengah slalu wt house party kt umh die..huhu
skang da uni..dia da hot!!! sgt..
dia slalu dpt bf nsem2..hehe
the most important thing is ko nie sgt baik..
ble ade prob..mke cool xde pe jd..
hopely our friendship stay long lasting forever..

cool n stunning!!
funny n funky!!
slalu story moly mende yg same!!!
cute but messy!!
ade 3 lurah..haha
jln sgt lmbt...
ske mnum fresh olen..
xpena tgk buletin utama tv3..
24jam ms!ms!ms!ms!
ske cri jntan hot..
suda lupe akan mhd izzat nie..
da lme xjmpe belle!!
muka slamba ngadab n x berperimanusiaan!!
last bt not lst,u r ma most bestieee fwend eva!!!
~big Bird~

belle? belle? belle?
diaa comellllll
first time jumpe dekat kl mase tu tak plan langsung :)
tgk u comel je bella lagi2 bile u senyumm wahhh tegoda i haaha gile la tak sangka dpt jd kawan u.u mmg baik gileeee thats why la sampai skrg i still lagi kawan dgn u.bodoh la lelaki yang mainkan perasaan u tu!u jgn sedih i ada .
love youu belleeee ;))


dier gf i.
at 1st i uat bodo jer ngn u sbb igt u nie kerek so i mlas nk lyn..
i syg sgt kt u sbb u snggup dtg perak then run ke penang sbb nk celeb new year ngn i..
u xknal da real me but u trust me.
u snggup dtg sbb nk celeb ngn i..
terharu ohhh...
i syg u.
u my bestie best best best fren 4ever.
kiter suke mender yg samer
kutuk org yg sama..
u xsuke musty i pon xsuke.
i suke musty u pon suke..
sush nk crik mber cmtuh..
i luv u sayang.
i akn support ape jer yg u uat.
i akn say no klo u nk uat mnder yg xelok.
i da anggap u cam adik bradik i so backoff pada yg nk crik pasal ngn dier.
to my belle: i love u =)


bell is...
cabeE,brisi,Lmak bsepadu ;p
kwn yg tebaik,tbalik,
ErMm...Snang cte,
SUme-sume Ah Kt BEL!!
Hop SUmenye SMpai bebilE...
bell rawkz!!


balle?1st i jumpa u kat kL kan..time 2 u sama my aja time u kan babe..kita borak2 mcm dah lama kenal plak kan?tp bawu aja jumpa,kita pegy jlan2 pegy mkn sampai muncet prot an an??mlm u syg i nie comel sangt taw..i suka kwan ngan dye...dye chubby tp sangt comel i gram tgk dye taw..ase nak aje picit pipi dye yg cute 2...balle nie sowg yg care gyla laaa..dye mamang sempoi!!sapa xkenl dye memang xtawu dye mcm mna dye memang sowg yg gyla vavi puya...balle u memang best..syg u ketat2..wmuuahh:D

DYLA BFF love bff..;>love her so much till the end..OMG!!shes a good friend!i never ever regret when i be with her such from high school!!bell,i will never let people hurt my bell n take away from me..such a cute person.!always be cute..fashionable addicted!love to chill..but i cant join her!;< it was so sad!but bell,remember im ur bff till last breath!love u n i miss u damn freak!!CHILL!!!

ko best, ko klakar, ko sengal(sumtimes =p), ko comel, ko chubby, ko cantik, ko baik, ko sporting, ko suka mkn kopok lekor haha.. senang cite ur my bestie since zaman behingus untill now =D, i do love u and mis u =) haha..


belle??ow i knl dea time ngn raksasa g..
kn?kn??hee~belle is nice person lol..
1st time i knl dea pn x pna sumbunk ow..
byk pot pet jew..dat y i sng wif her..
she's cute ow..gyle itu if dea diam jew..sumthin x kne la tuh..hee~
btw..i ske gyle time kte chat b3 tuh..
u, i and apel..haha..
dat time cm2 kuakn..ade jew y mgarut..hee~
tp rmber rahsie kte 3..:p
to be frank,i ske gyle kwn u..
syg u lbey oke!
so nk sgt meet u tao..jles tao linie dpt jmp u dlu..!!
if kte jmp nnt i nk hug u..
geam!!u cute gyle!!hee~
then nk french kiss ngn u!!hahaha.
to apel!!u jgn jles oke!klu u nk g tao i..hihi
so syg..fren 4 eva k..
luv u belle!!muaaaaccck!:D


ni i describe psl u
1st of all, she not an ordinary girl
somethin special bout her than others...
she very chomotest girl
just a lil cute cuz of chubby looking
walaupon xpenah lepak dgn die...
aku taw die ni jenis pale masuk air
otak sewel n gyle2...suke ckp BABI (tagline kot)
die dgn apple mmg 1 pale ke?
jarang aku tgk org yg sama saiz dgn die dress sexy n rugged
kire die berani menempuh cabaran jugak la
jgn terlebih suda...
last but not least, wei bell xya nak demand cari boy yg hot je.


there are my friend who always cheers me up..
and what i can say here..


BESTFRIEND=>it's someone who you can always go to...someone who you can be yourself and they love you no matter what you do. even if you lie to them they can forgive you because they dont want you to hurt someone who you can talk to about anyting. and someone who is there for you when no body else is..someone who you trust *completely* .Someone who you can act stupid foolish in front of and not be embarrassed in the least bit. Someone you're entirely comfortable with at all times, and someone who you always have fun with..

A best friend should be there for you through thick and thin. No matter how bad things are or get that best friend should be there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on and more. A best friend should tell you things he or she knows even though it might hurt the other person, they should always tell the truth no matter what..


by the neh x brape nk siap lagi....
sorry for the name that im not mention..
nnt aku update as fast as i can...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

photoshoot cowboy

5 august 2009
kawan2 unisel aku dtg penang..
mklum la..cuti la katekan..
so ape lagi?trave la...haha tp aku jauh2 pon takat penang je la..
so what im do today??
pegi tgk movie..setem..
haha dlm wyg tu x rmai..kire aku ade la merasekan wyg tuh mcm bapak aku yg punye..hehehe
then afta that pegi photoshoot.
dah tentu2 pic aku pling bnyk..hehhehe..
mmg best lah..
mlm siket aku bwk kawan2 aku g restauran uncle aku..
PEN MUTIARA...haha kawan2 jmput lah dtg..
then aku puaskn ati kwn2 aku.
bg p depan karaoke kat restoren tuh smpai puas..
nseb baik aunty aku sporting..
kol 12 mlm br setel semuanye..haih!
pulang dengan rasa penat dan akhirnye........TERTIDURRRRRR...

06 AUGUST 2009
Pagi2 depan dah suruh aku bgn awal..arini plan pegi jmpe gf tersyang..
hehe..ouh zeda si cantik mnis
kat sg petani ouh tikam stone..
so what im do it today?pegi kedah dgn gumbira dan sekali lagi..photoshoot smpai penat.
yg penting arini aku dah puas...
best sgt2....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


friendship? bestfriend? friends? bestfriends forever? boyfriends?

what is that??
yes for surely everyone ade kawan2 yg dorg sayang..same jugak aku..
aku suke je bkawan ngn rmai2 org even sumtimes ble aku buat baik,ade yg balas taik..
x pe la..
this is life and aku pon terima saje ngn ati terbuke..
aku sayang sume kawan2 aku..even dorg pon xde la nk syg aku sgt..hahhaha
bukan bercinta je ade ego..bkawan pon ada ego and sampai kn aku pon da gado ngn bestfren aku sndiri..
I hope I be able to back track time and arrange all perfectly..tapii!
siape aku nk turn back time?

if boley lah..sudah aku aturkan one by one and whats next in my life..sronoknye mcm tuh

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


everyone having dream..same like me.. and already necessarily I wish I want happy life with the best..
ape yg slu aku buat?hah..hari2 berangan..itu je la yg aku tau..sebelum tdo berangan..bgn tdo,golek2 kejap pastu brangan..haih..belle belle..
but sometimes I can always get what I want without strive..mean that daydreaming pon might statement..hahaha..

yesterday, today and tomorrow

i was a baby..i was a kids who dont know anything..i dunno whats going up tommorow..
i dunno the difficult life..i just playing and playing around..

im a teenagers..i still have fun..go crazy things in my life..
know everyone around me..make a lots of friends..
already know the difficult of this life..even trouble and trouble..
but i still having fun with my life today

i still dunno what gonna happen to me?what will come tomorrow?
how about me?still like kids?i dont even know..still thinking and thinking..
when can i meet with happiness?too much question for tommorow..but i just let time tell me..