Monday, December 7, 2009

i try to smile but i only can cry

today i learn..when we like someone..we are so excited to give him our love..we so excited to share our love..and sometimes we feel like we want to tell the world that we are in love..we will do anything even we know that i stupid things to do and after that..we was thinking..'alamak ape aku dah buat neh?bodohhhnyeee'..
but what we have to remember is dont give full love to sombody that u love actually...because u didnt know the person that u love is same feeling like u or not..
betol ke tha guy love u like u do? betol2 iklas from heart or just nak jage hati?
tapi knape nk buang mase sbb nk jage hati?..yes u tell him u so sad before this..u wont cry its that person just with u bcause x nk tgk kamu nanges?
yes i learn that karma is alive..
i hav question.. all the guy is same?
ermm..but what i know...
that in every ending., there's such a things we call beginning...
finally i just the dreamer who cant touch the sky..

someday u will cried for me like i cried for you before,
someday u will miss me like i missed u before,
someday u will need me like i needed u before,
someday u will love me, but i wont love u anymore...

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