Sunday, December 13, 2009

'NOT' appreciate

i do text with u everyday
i do asking what are doing everyday
i do care for u everyday
i do love u everyday
i do miss u everyday
i do thinking about u everyday
i do something makes u feel happy
i do something that u r very special
i do because u're my only one i have

i never hurt ur feelings
i never do what u dont like
i never makes u angry
i never do that will make ur heart sick

but u never do what i do for u
u ignore me
u leave me alone
u never do like u promise me before
u never appreciate me
u never appreciate what i give what i already do

until one day.......
im bored..feel just wasting my time..i hurt myself..
i cant wait..i cant stay fed up..
i leave u..i move..and say my final gudbye..

then...u realized...regret but its too late..
then now u find me back..u do calling me..u do text me..say that u really love me..u begging me please dont leave..u hope me back for u..
u cant live without me..u miss me..and the much word that u forget u say before this..

too little to im just sympathy and pity u..cuz fer me...
u're just my friend not much than that anymore..

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