Friday, January 22, 2010

my whole life

blog aku ibarat dairi aku..setiap kali update..aku akan update ape yg aku rase...
ape yg aku lalui sehari-hari..
what im feel
what i want
what i need
what i think
what i do
where i go
who is me
who is friend
my family
and everything about me...

yes...judge me based what u know me..
and if u want..u can jugde me based what u see with ur eyes...
not judge based what u hear..or judge from gossip or other

yes! share dairy...sgt malu..
but this is my place where i can tell people what i feel...
blog sy sgt mbosan kan...kalau ade pic..pic je belambak2..kalau xde pic..semua kena baca..penat lah nk bace..
suke hati cuz this is my blog...shit up ur mouth and keep quiet..
by the way... u r invited to read my dairy=)

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