Friday, January 22, 2010


pagi tadi kak nie call...marah2 cuz the picture
damnn mannn! bnde kecik pun nak marah!

tthen pesbuk ngn akak y
she said :

buat lah.. dh besar ponn.. chill.. life is not as simple as that.. u will learn better when u go thru it.. dont blame people who cared about u.. they just cared becoz they love u..

: u & me know her better.. she cant just shut her mouth when things gone wrong.. take it easy.. just behave urself.. u can do.. dont go too far

: not easy being u.. my advice is think about what she want u to be.. just b a good girl... as simple as that.. its true
u think it is a very small thing.. u never know whats people thinks about u.. cant elaborate to u in details..
but think!! think!! think!!

ermm...tu lah...aku tau kakak2 syg aku..but its small 21 this year...common la...lepas tu terus tak ade mood...ngn si dia buat hal..kata aku x honest la..ape lagi kaw nk aku buat???
aku abis jujur ngn kaw...

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